Trump: A Woman’s Prespective 

I am not a Donald Trump supporter. With the being said, I am not a total HRC supporter either. But, this is a rant about Donald Trump. 

As a woman (and also as a human being with general decency and morals and thought process) I am enraged almost 100% of the time when I hear anything about Trump. 
There seems to be an underlying theme of asshattery that the Donald just oozes with every word, every exchange, every mention, every everything he is involved with. 

As a woman, as a mother, I am simply terrified of the prospect of a man like Donald Trump being president of these United States. To make things worse, Captian Discrimination Mike Pence being his running mate. *cringe* 

The fact that it is 2016 and there is talk of reversing Roe v Wade. What the funk is that !? As such a modern and progressive society we try to be HOW IN THE WORLD IS THERE STILL TALK ABOUT REVERSING WOMENS RIGHTS TO THEIR BODIES !? 

As a mother, I want my daughter to have every option open in regards to her body. I would not let an old man (who hasn’t been to medical school), who is (or even is not) a career politician, to make decisions for my daughter in general everyday life in areas where he is not qualified. SO WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I AGREE WITH ANY PERSON WHO WANTS TO MAKE A DECISION ABOUT MY DAUGHTERS BODY !? 


Aside from the Roe v Wade issue, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a sexist, misogynistic douche bag. 

We’re all familiar with the most recent bit of cringe worthy bull shit that was released. “Grab her right by the pussy.” 

My god. 

*deep breath* 

A presidential candidate who believes that his status gives him the right to sexually assault women *married women in this case* is not a president make. Is not a man make. Is not a person make. He is a predator. He is a monster. 

Donald Trump called his own daughter, Ivanka, a piece of ass. 

Let me say that again. 



Donald Trump has said he walked into the Miss America pageant rooms while the women were changing “because I owned the place, I could do that.” He could look at the undressed bodies of women, who did not consent to having him in the room, because he owned the building. 

Interesting. The CEO of the hospital I work at has never walked into the women’s bathrooms or changing rooms because he was the CEO. Maybe he’s just a prude ? Oh, wait no. HES JUST NOT A SEXUAL PREDATOR LIKE DONALD TRUMP IS. 

He calls women pigs, bitches, whores, stupid, makes jokes about being on their period, insinuates that his fans should kill HRC using their “second amendment rights, maybe one of you will take care of it.” 

As a person who has common decency, I don’t understand how anyone could support this monster of a man. 

Racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic,   xenophobic, transphobic, misogynistic pig. 

I don’t understand how women, minorities, people of color, people of various sexual orientations could support someone who has little to no regard for them. How little self respect do you have to have to support such a terrible person ? 

I find it interesting how Trump says he “loves beauty” and is “drawn to beauty like a magnet,” yet he is a raging sexual predator. A raging sexist. A disrespectful pig. 

I don’t even like calling him a pig, because I love pigs. Pigs are cute and nice and have curly little tales. Pigs have also been found to have the intelligence of a third grade child– which is more than we can say for Donald Fart. 

For a full list of all the smut that has come out of this mans mouth click here
Rant over.