Party Planning

Party Planning Specifically, party planning for a baby. 

I could not have imagined that planning a party for a 1-year-old was going to be this time consuming, this detail oriented and this involved. 

Good lord. 

So, Nola will be turning one this coming July and, as custom dictates, I will be throwing her a birthday party. Now, originally, I thought it was going to just be family. Grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts & uncles. But, then I remembered a friend who threw a party for her daughter and there were 1.5 billion people there. So, then I thought “okay, I’ll invite some friends of mine and their kiddos.” 

7 kids under the age of two and 15 additional guests later… 

It went from a gathering of 12 people to somewhere around 40. Oops ? 

But, then I though it’ll be fun. We can cook out, have games like bags (and honestly that’s as far as I’ve gotten in the game department), we can have a sprinkler for the kids, the swing set will be there to entertain. It’ll all be good. 

Side note: I’m so excited for the sprinkler. Little kids in bathing suits, is there anything cuter !? 


Okay, but what about that food. Cooking out ? Catering ? 

I have never thrown a party before, and so I have no idea what food should cost (keep in mind, I’m a millennial, we aren’t good at doing things by ourselves LOL). After looking at catering sites (more like having my mom look at them ), she suggested cooking out “way cheaper !!” Okay great. That’ll save me a chunk of change. But, since I’m not catering to a vegan crowd, it’s going to be the typical hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips. *cue eye roll*

Then decorations. And a THEME !? Why does there have to be a theme ? Can’t the theme just be “1-year-old party”? Ugh the standards of children’s birthday parties is just too high for me. 

But, I am excited to decorate. And to make Nola vegan cupcakes (while the rest of the party has a normal cake, I’m not a monster). 

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain !!