WTF, Body ?

Do you ever have one of those mornings when you wake up and it’s like you woke up in someone else’s body ? 

This morning I woke up and something was wrong with every region of my body. Let’s work from the head, down. 

My hair was an absolute disaster. Even after straightening it after my shower last night. 

My face looked like I just hit puberty for a second time. Seriously, what the hell is going on. I have red splotches on the corners of my mouth, not cold sores or anything like that, just red dots. Cool. Bumps all over my face. Super cool. 

My nose piercing is infected. That hasn’t happened for almost two years. I have no idea what happened. And there’s a zit right at the front on my nostril. 

Attractive shit is happening. 

Then, aunt flow came to visit. Always a fun time. Probably explains why my face looks like a bomb just went off. 

My back feels like I slept in a pyramid  made of concrete. Am I 86 or….. ? 


Above is an actual picture of me. 

Giant bruise on my leg. Where did that come from ? Who knows. 

It’s just one of those days when I woke up and it already wasn’t a good day. I’d like to go home, take a hot shower and sleep for 18 hours. But, seeing as I have an 8 month old to tend to, I’ll probably go home, take a quick warmish shower and sleep for about 5 hours. 

I’ll take what I can get. 



Vegan Sloppy Joes Recipe & Review 

Okay, so I’ve made sloppy joes with tempeh before, and they’ve been great. However, they were lacking a certain sumtin-sumtin, if you know what I’m sayin. I had these beyond meat beefy crumbles in the freezer, for a couple months now, and I wanted to use them up. 

I was hesitant to use these, I tried them before and wasn’t a huge fan. This preperation was fantastic. They make a great meat sub and the nutrition is fantastic ! 

Not too bad. 

So, I found my moms recipe for regular sloppy joes and used that, but tweaked it a little bit here and there and this is how it came out. 

Chili sauce (key, do not omit), chili powder, onion, green pepper, V8 juice, white vinegar, salt, and obviously the beefy crumbles. 

And brown sugar, forgot about that one. Oops. 

Do what you’re suppose to do with veggies 

Sauté and add the chili powder and salt 

Add the beefy crumbles and warm through 

Add the vinegar, chili sauce, and V8 juice 

Don’t forget that brown sugar 

Simmer until thickened, add V8 as needed 

Serve with some crispy potatoes and devour. 

Yummy, hearty, protein packed, filling, definitely a keeper. 


New Favorite Thing: A Review 

I recently got a new diaper bag ! Let me begin by saying that the Grand Central Diaper Bag by Skip Hop is the most amazing diaper bag I’ve ever used or even looked at. It is lightweight, holds a TON and even had stroller straps. My kinda bag. 

My other diaper bag was not cutting it. It wasn’t big enough, didn’t have enough compartments for stuff, and honestly didn’t really have the capacity to hold the basics. 

I don’t know about your baby, but Nola is a pooper-through-the-diaper-and-pants-and-onesie-er. So, I need at least two pants and two onesie for back up. Sometimes were out at night, and she needs a jammie, so I have one in there, too. Even if the clothes are teeny tiny, they still take up a good chunk of space. 

Then diapers. I like to have 8-10 diapers in the bag. You never know when you’ll have a day of blow outs and I like to be prepared. Along with that are wipes, which are bulky and take up space. 

Toys. Nola needs a bunch of different toys, since her attention goes from one thing to another to another…to another. So, there’s probably a billion toys in the bag. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like carrying my diaper bag AND a purse for all of my stuff; which honestly isn’t that much. I have a wallet, a phone, keys and sometimes a water bottle, but it’s still a pain to carry two bags and a car seat/baby. 


This diaper bag is THE best thing that’s ever happened to me (storage wise). 

It’s light as a feather 14 oz., I believe. It has 11 different compartments, three different sections and two GIANT side compartments. The two front zippers are for easy-access stuff, so that’s where the keys and phone go. 

There’s the initial center compartment, that’s where I keep the diapers, rash cream, and all of the toys. The two diaper pockets are really well sewn on, and I haven’t had any tearing-which happened with the diaper pockets within 12 seconds with my other bag. 
There is the front section is the mommy part. It has two pockets for phone (the iPhone 6 and bigger won’t fit) and a flece pocket for glasses. 

The third section is for extra clothes and there’s a waterproof compartment, I use that for Tylenol (even if I do keep it in a plastic bag, too. I’ve had a spill before and I won’t go back). 

It fits all of this (what I have in there currently):

  • Three onesies
  • Two pants 
  • Pajama
  • Hat/socks 
  • 12 toys & paci
  • 8 diapers
  • Rash cream
  • XL wipes 
  • Puffs 
  • Extra blanket 
  • Burp cloth
  • Boogie wipes
  • Travel shampoo/lotion 
  • Wallet 
  • Glasses case
  • Miscellaneous (Chapstick, earbuds, etc)
  • Comes with changing pad 


I couldn’t recommend this bag enough !! 


Cooking Improv: 10 Minute Baked Potato

I confess that I’ve made this before. But, it’s so fast and so good, I had to share. 

Also, I am back fully 100% on the vegan bandwagon. I took a brief hiatus and was eating vegetarian. But, I’m back to an animal free diet & I will be exploring all of it’s culinary nooks and crannies. 

But, for now this is a 10 minute, super easy, super yummy baked potato. 

Potato, onion, mushrooms, A1 

Poke the potato with a fork 12ish times and stick it in the microwave. 5 minutes one side, 3 minutes the other. Obviously, if you have a giant potato or a super small one, tweak the time a bit. 


Cut up the veg 


Until they look delicious 


Top the potato with the mushrooms and onions 

Top that with A1 and devour 


Things I Don’t Care About

  • Sandra Bland. Oh my god don’t even get me started. 
  • Anything someone who doesn’t believe in vaccinations has to say in regards to anything. 
  • The Kardashians- in any aspect. 
  • Bill Cosby. 
  • The Bachelor and anyone who participates. 
  • Kiwis. The balls of the fruit world. 
  • Your truck/car and/or any modification(s) you’ve had done 
  • Relationships. Not a care in the world.
  • The weather in the south. Or any other location, for that matter. I don’t live there so don’t talk to me about it. 
  • Matching my socks. 
  • Matching my babies socks. 
  • Huggies vs. Pampers vs. Luvs. Honestly, they’re all gonna hold baby pee and poop. 
  • The drugs that you’ve done/how much you can drink. Shut up. 
  • How you only got 7 hours of sleep last night. Because I got less. 
  • Pretty Little Liars. Omfg I cannot with that show. 
  • Béyonce 


Working Out: The Grind

There’s not a workout move called “the grind” (as far as I know) but if there was one, I bet it would be fun. 

I’ve started working out-again. *cue eye rolls and groans*

But, they’re just little tiny 15 minute workouts that I do before bed. I hand picked the exercises, so I know exactly what I’m doing and how I should be doing it. I think that’s a big issue with working out (at least for me): when I’m doing a workout, there’s moves that I don’t like, so I won’t work as hard. But, other moves I find much more fun-for lack of a better word-and I try harder and often do more. 

These workouts allow me to get my heart rate up, work my problem areas and feel the soreness the next day BUT I can still lift up Nola the next day and not feel like my body is going to implode from soreness. 

And doing these workouts at night seem to work so much better for a couple of reasons: 

  • The baby is asleep. She isn’t crying, whining, needing attention or to be picked up. This allows me to focus on me for a whole 15 minutes and it’s amazing. 
  • I don’t eat after. This allows the burn to settle and I can just go to sleep and not feel like a hungry monster and destroy the workout with food. 

I did this routine a few months ago, and along side with the vegan diet, I lost 20 lbs in about two months time. I’ve since gained about 5 lbs back, but I’m determined to get back down to my pre baby weight. 

Trying to get on that hot mom status, please & thanks. 


Product Review/Recipe: Gardein Crispy Tenders 

We went on a family trip to Target today, Nola’s dad, Nola and myself. Because, for real, who doesn’t have the best time ever at Target ? On my list was Beyond Meat crispy strips, but they were out !! (As they usually are, but I had high hopes). So, I grabbed Gardein strips; I had heard good things about them so I figured I’ll give them a try. 

Oh my bomb. They were so good. Even better than the Beyond Meat strips. My biggest problem with fake meat is the terrible texture, but this was SPOT ON, exactly like real chicken. Just goes to show that it pays to try new things. 

So, we get home and I hadn’t eaten all day, so I was going to make lunch, perfect time to use the strips. This is what I came up with. 

These were the strips that I got. Of course, seven grain. 

So, put those in the roster over at 425 and let them cook. After they cooked, I wanted them a little crispier, so I threw them under the broiler for 2-3 minutes. 

Decided this was going to be a flat bread-salad mash up. Luckily, we had frozen flatbreads. 


Defrosted that. Once it was thawed, I oiled it with EVOO and hit it was salt and pepper. Then I toasted it at 425 until it was a little golden. 

Like this *heart eyes*

I knew I wanted onions. Check. 

Caramelize them. Make em rul noice

While that’s happening, I chopped up these goodies. Lettuce, which is crucial for the salad element, tomatoes and radishes, my new love. 

Put BBQ sauce on that flatbread 

Top with things

And more things 

Coat lettuce with BBQ

Chop your chicken