Wisconsin 2016: an Epic 

Recently, Nola and I went on a gorgeous trip to St. Germaine, Wisconsin. We went with our very good friends and their whole family. The cabin was amazing, the water was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the boating was so fun. Everything went as well as it could have and we had a great time. 

Anyone who has traveled with a toddler knows what this next “BUT” is about. 

St. Germaine is a five hour drive from where we live. Five. Hours. FIVEHOURS. In my ignorant, never-driven-this-long-with-a-toddler mind, I thought that she would sleep. 

“She loves the car !” She said, her voice full of false optimism. 

“She’ll probably sleep for two, maybe three hours. A diaper change at the half way point, snacks for the ride, it’ll be fine.” The universe laughed. 

The drive up was worse than the drive back, granted, but it was still pretty bad. On the drive up, I would say she cried for two straight hours. Then there was a glorious break for 35 heavenly minutes of pure napping bliss. But, like all good things, it ended way too fricken soon and the crying continued.

The only thing keeping her from crying for the remaining hour and a half of the drive was me, sitting in the back seat doing everything humanly possible to keep her from remembering that she was still in the car seat, still in the car, still not in whatever situation she would like to be in. 

The last half hour there was crying, but we were in the home stretch so I couldn’t complain. 

While we were there we had a fantastic time. Boating, playing in the sand and the water, fireworks, snacking, bonfires, all the goodies that being up north brings. Nola loved being on the boat- which surprised me. 

The life vest wasn’t a huge hit at first, but she grew to like it. 

We went to Paul Bunyons on the last day and she ate her weight in pancakes and donuts. 

We went into town and walked up and down the cute downtown area. Got some Greenbay Packers stuff, including the CUTEST hoodie for the baby, shout out to auntie Rachel for that find ! 

As we talked about before, the ride home was filled with more crying. Less than before, but still a solid hour and fifteen stretch. 

But, overall the trip was a huge success. We cannot wait for next year ! 


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