The Reality of Change: in a handful of paragraphs 

I have 20 minutes before I leave for work. 

I have been up since 6 AM. Since then my one-year-old has cried nonstop. She cried in the bath. She cried getting dressed. She cried getting her hair done. She cried during breakfast. She cried while I got ready for work. I would bet my hat that she’ll cry on the way to daycare. 

Last night, she cried for about two hours before falling asleep. She cried the whole way home from daycare. She cried on the way to daycare. And the night before she woke up and cried once every 2 hours or so. Before that she cried going to bed. And before that. And before that. And before that. 

This morning, I cried. I stood in the kitchen, washing grapes for my lunch for work, and I cried. 

I have been at a new, full time job, for 8 days. I have not slept through the night since starting said job. I look forward to picking up my daughter from daycare, but she only cries. 

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Vague. 

Coming back here after a much too long bow of absence has proven to be therapeutic and helpful. I will return with more detail, and I will return more often. 

My 20 minutes are up. 


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